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Fly Tying is one of the most important parts of fly fishing, here you can find thousands of different fly tying materials of the world's most famous and quality manufacturers: Wapsi, Hends, Semperfli, Veniard, Fly Scene, Polish Quills, Whiting Farms and many other.

  • Chinilles

    Chenilles have been used in fly fishing for many years. When tying certain artificial flies, chenille is used to make the bodies of the flies. This material creates volume and a natural look to the fly, which provokes the fish to attack. There are many different types - luminescent, crystal, rainbow and many others. Use chenilles on any fly and you will be amazed at how successful a fly material this is!

  • Dubbing

    Here you can find a huge selection of all kinds of dubbing for making flies, both real Rabbit Fur Dubbing or Hare Dubbing, as well as a variety of dubbing made of artificial materials - Spectra or UV-Ice dubbing and many others. Dubbing is the main material for making both dry flies, nymphs, streamers and all kinds of artificial flies for trout fishing!

  • Beads Heads Eyes

    In our store you can find tungsten and brass beads in a variety of colors and sizes. Modern fly fishing cannot be practiced without the use of these fly tying materials. Tungsten beads help the nymph sink quickly and move close to the bottom where we expect the trout to attack.

  • Feathers

    In our shop you can find the largest selection of fly making feathers on our market - pheasant feathers, rooster feathers, goose and peacock feathers, genetically selected rooster feathers, capes, saddles, marabou, ostrich and more ! The CDC feathers we have are of excellent quality and in a variety of colors!

  • Genetic Hackles

    Established back in 1989, the American manufacturer Whiting is the undisputed number one when it comes to the production of high-quality fly tying feathers. In fact, all products from the legendary poultry breeder Dr. Tom Whiting have one thing in common: a constant premium quality, which will easily please the most demanding fly tyers. Without a doubt, the amazing quality of these products reflects the well-being of these impressive birds. Thus, these stunning capes and saddles set completely new standards in every respect. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that there is a very high demand for these unique products – because the modern world of fly tying is hard to imagine without the truly amazing feathers from Whiting!

  • Threads

    Fly tying threads are an absolutely necessary part of the process of making any fly, nymph or streamer. There are many manufacturers in the world, we have focused on a few of them - UNI, Spemperfli, Hends and Wapsi. These are four of the most famous names in the industry! The thicknesses, colors and application of each fly thread are very important, so in our fly shop you can find everything you need!

  • Tinsels


  • Wire


  • Body Quills

    Mylar-tinsel flat synthetic material. Used for midge bodies, tips, heads and also as ribbing. Is perfect for tying barred nymph and dry flies bodies. One of the best natural Peacock Quill substitute. 22м

  • Body Quill Pearl

    Hends Body Quill Pearl is mylar tinsel flat synthetic material. Used for midge bodies, tips, heads and also as ribbing. Is perfect for tying barred nymph and dry flies bodies. One of the best natural Peacock Quill substitute. 22m

  • Bodies


  • Furs

    A wide variety of hairs are used in fly tying. Rabbit fur, deer fur, caribou fur and many, many more! In our shop you can find all kinds and colors for every fly model you can imagine!

  • Foams


  • Varnishes


  • Wool


  • Syntetics


  • UV Products

    UV products

  • Tools


  • Vises

    The right fly tying vise is the foundation of any fly tying bench. The correct choice meets a fly tyer's budget and still makes the tyer's work easy and efficient. With so many brands and price points available, we've brought together a broad collection of quality fly tying vises that range from premium to economy.

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Showing 1 - 36 of 1339 items
Showing 1 - 36 of 1339 items