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Without quality fly hooks, even the best-made fly will not help you bring out the long-awaited trophy. In our store, we have selected some of the best quality fly hooks of the world famous - Tiemco, Varivas, Hends, Gamakatsu and Owner. We also have a wide selection of BFC and NEXTackle fly hook models.

  • Tiemco Hooks

    For 50 years Tiemco has been the worlds most respected designer and manufacturer of hooks designed exclusively for fly fishing. Utilizing the most advanced production methods, such as chemically sharpening, and the most exacting quality controls, Tiemco Hooks continue to be the industry leader in strength, quality and innovative hook design. Every Tiemco hook model is developed specifically to satisfy the most demanding fly tyer and the most rigorous fly fishing problem. Since the strongest, sharpest hook may be the single most important component in your flyfishing arsenal, we believe it makes perfect sense to choose the best, choose Tiemco!

  • Varivas Hooks

    One of the best quality Japanese hooks on the world market. By choosing Varivas you can be sure of getting your biggest trophy!

  • Hends Hooks
    Hends Hooks
  • Owner Hooks
    Owner Hooks
  • Gamakatsu Hooks
    Gamakatsu Hooks
  • NEXTackle Hooks

    NEXTackle Hooks

  • NEXTackle Hooks Bulk

    NEXTackle Hooks Bulk

  • BFC Hooks
    BFC Hooks
  • Seimuro by Daiichi
    Seimuro by Daiichi
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Showing 1 - 36 of 254 items
Showing 1 - 36 of 254 items