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We will not make your personal data available to any third parties. The information is used only for the execution of the order and for sending our catalog and advertising materials. In case of any questions please contact us: sales@bfcflyfishing.com

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Cookies (Cookies usage)

In order for this website to function properly, we save small files on your device called 'cookies'. Most websites on the Internet use the same method as well.

What are 'cookies' ?

Cookies are small text files which are saved on you computer or mobile device when you visit a website. They allow the website to save your preferences such as username, language prefernece, history of orders (if the website is a web store like ours) and other prefernces. The files are stored only for a limited amount of time (normally this is for the duration of your visit or until you close your browser), during which it allows the users to conveniently navigate around the website without a need to provide their preferences or login creddentials each time they navigate to a different page within the website. After the limited amount of time expires, the users are usually asked to provide their prefernces again (such as, for example, to log in again to the website in order be able to access their order history).

How does our website use cookies ?

When you visit our website bfcflyfishing.com we create cookies with the following purposes:

  • cookies to enable common functionality on the website (like cookies to enble users to login to their account, or saving products to the shopping cart or showing the user's order history)
  • cookies for analysing the website traffic (this is very common for most websites nowadays)
  • cookies to enable users to register to our website

How can you control the cookies and their behaviour?

You can control cookies by earasing the cookies whenever you want - see aboutcookies.org for more info. You can erase all cookies on your device and you can also set the preferences of your browser to block and not use cookies at all. However if you block the cookies from your browser, you might be required to manually input all your prefernces (like username) each time you try to navigate within a website. Additionally some functionality of websites which require cookies to function properly may not work.

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