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Vision Nymph Hero 10.6ft 3wt 4pc Fly Rod

€ 264.90

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Being a hero on the water doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. These affordable medium fast action rods have features for beginners as well as serious competition anglers. All of the rods are fine tuned for the type of fishing they are most likely used at. Whether you want to be a Super Hero on many types of waters, a Nymphing Hero or rule on Stillwaters these rods have the actions and components for the job. We give a rating for the carbon that is used in each of our graphite rods. The higher the number the higher the modulus of the carbon that is used for the rod. The rating is closely related to the tonnage of the carbon in each of the rods. However this is not the whole truth as we use different carbon mixtures to achieve the wanted rod action and also the resins differ from model to model. But this rating is an indication of the main carbon used in the blank. Our premium rods use graphene in the resin and rods are identified by the Graphene logo. 80gm

Medium fast action

Vivid Yellow blanks with black markings

The action and components of each model has been designed for specific use in mind

Each model has a name that describes the personality of the rod

Half wells handle in lighter models

Full wells handle with a fighting butt in the heavier models

The Nymph Hero #3 and #4 have a down-locking reel seat to balance the long rods

Nymph models also have small single leg guides with tight spacing to prevent line sagging

Brown round cordura tube

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