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Rio Avid Gold Fly Line WF5F

€ 75.90

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The Rio Avid Trout Gold fly line is a superior all-around line for fishing dry flies, nymphs on the indicator or streamers. The line's medium length head with the weight shifted forward is easy to cast, offers plenty of control during the cast and has great turn-over behavior even on bushy flies. At 24.4m, the Avid Trout Gold is a fairly short line, which helps its fair price. But 24.4 m is more than sufficient in most cases. The head of the head is between 13.7 m and 14.9 m long, depending on the line class, it offers brilliant control in the cast, and of course provides distances in the cast that put a grin on our faces. The weight of the line is shifted to the front part of the line, this ensures that the club is very powerful and loads the rod quickly. The long rear taper provides stability in the cast as well as brilliant control in the drift. The Rio Avid Trout Gold is a brilliant all-round line, for dry fly fishing or nymph fishing. The long yet powerful head of the Avid Gold make casting and presenting fine dry flies a pleasure!

Rio Technologies:

Slick Cast

The name says it all! With this new technology Rio has stirred up the fly line market properly. Rio itself advertises it as the smoothest coating on the market. Shootability, noise minimization and durability of the line are improved. We ourselves found the lines so smooth that we had to rein ourselves in a bit at first to avoid overshooting the metaphorical mark. So we can subscribe to Rio's claim.


All-around fly line from Rio

Easy to cast, thanks to powerful head

More control in casting, thanks to long head and even rear taper

Slick Cast: Ultra-smooth coating for better shooting characteristics, longer durability and less noise

Line ID for easy identification

Welded loops on both ends

Variant: Gold

Variant: Floating

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