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Vision XLV 3/4 Fly Reel




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We have worked our butts off to do a new XLV fly reel family. These modern looking reels have a proper disc brake package, a real large-arbour design and an EVA handle which provides a solid grip even in wet conditions. The family contains two designs: #3-4, #5-6 and #7-8 have a V-shape in the chassis. Heavier #8-9 and #9-10 models have the Vision heraldic shape. One family, two designs. All moving parts are greased with SKF's water resistant bearing grease. 110gr

Large arbour

V- or heraldic V- frame design

Smooth disc brake

Built in counter balance

SKF bearing grase


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Vision XLV 3/4 Fly Reel

Vision XLV 3/4 Fly Reel

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