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Flies are one of the most important things for any successful fly fishing. The large selection in our store of dry flies, nymphs, wet flies and streamers is completely sufficient for fishing in all of Bulgaria, and not only.

  • Dry Flies

    While there are many different ways to catch fish, catching fish on a dry fly is considered by many to be the pinnacle of the sport of fly fishing. Dry fly fishing is when anglers fish flies that float on the surface of the water. As aquatic insects progress through their lifecycles, eventually they reach the surface of the water and for a brief period of time, they are vulnerable to feeding fish. It is at this moment that fly fishermen, are presented with the opportunity to fish surface flies to receptive fish. Understanding dry fly fishing techniques is important because fly anglers can capitalize on dry fly fishing opportunities. Situational awareness: where, when, how, and why to fish dry flies will allow fly anglers to take advantage of every fly fishing opportunity presented to them. This results in more fish caught, exciting surface eats, and a greater understanding of the rivers that you fish.

  • Nymphs

    Nymphs are essential for successful fly fishing on rivers throughout the world. If there is no hatch and no fish rising then fishing nymphs is often the way to go. Nymphing techniques, of which there are many, should be bread and butter to every fly-fisher. Employing the correct nymphing technique is only part of the solution, selecting the 'right' nymph for the situation is key. River nymphs need to be small, with the correct silhouette and, very importantly, carry the right amount of weight. The weight required might be an un-weighted nymph, a leaded underbody, a metal bead, a tungsten bead, or a combination of lead and tungsten bead.

  • Wet Flies
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Showing 73 - 108 of 111 items