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BFC @ EWF 2018

BFC @ EWF 2018

Hi Friends,

Once again we had the pleasure of participating in 13th annual edition of EWF. This year the event took place in the small city of Fürstenfeldbruck on April 14 & 15. We joined over 100 world famous manufacturers, over 4000 attendees and numerous renowned fly tiers and fly casting experts that were giving presentations and free lectures.

We were once again very pleased to have our good fiend Stanislav Munkov be the face BFC at this world renowned forum. What more could we ask for than to be represented by a licensed EFFA instructor and professional fishing guide ?! Together with Stanislav we were able to raise over 500 levs which will go towards financing the Bulgarian National Fly Fishing Team.

Thank you Stanislav! We sincerely appreciate your time and effort!

Overall, this year's EWF was again a great experience for us. Our BFC and NEXTackle products, including fly rods, fly reels and fly lines, were very well received. Thanks to our combination of quality and price, for 8th straight year in a row, we were able to stand alongside the best in the business at the most prestigious fly fishing event in Europe.

We'd like to thank everybody who came to meet us at our booth and we like to thank everybody who attended. We hope to see you next year again!

BFC Fly Fishing

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